About us

About us

Our mission is to provide multilingual linguistic services to the bioscience industries.

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With an MSc in Agronomy, Pauline started working in the plant protection industry in 1987. She started out doing EAME market research at ICI agrochemicals in the UK. In 1988, she moved to Paris where she became the French product manager for insecticides and later, herbicides. Pauline noticed that agrochemical companies were struggling to find proper translators, skilled enough to translate chemical labels and technical brochures accurately. As a fluent speaker of five languages, she started offering her assistance to colleagues in regulatory affairs and marketing. Pauline founded Agrooh in 1996, with a vision of becoming a truly global LSP, offering a full range of services in the agrochemical industry.

Today, Agrooh is expanding way beyond the plant protection industry, providing services to businesses in the following sectors: fertilisers, seeds, agricultural machinery, animal health, animal nutrition, public health, chemicals, cosmetics, energy and other chemical-related industries.

Where other translation agencies claim thousands of translators and millions of translated words, Agrooh’s success is largely due to a smaller, but highly qualified, team of 150 expert translators.

In her current role as Managing Director, Pauline oversees the entire company.

Do you need expert support for your translations in bioscience?

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