Sworn Translation

Sworn Translations

Among Agrooh’s wide range of services, we provide sworn translations in many language combinations.

What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation, also known as translations with certification, legalisation or apostille certification, proves that a document is genuine, and that the translation is true to the original. It can be performed for legal documents such as patent certificates, licence documents, letters of authorisation or non-disclosure agreements. Sworn translations are officially approved and stamped by sworn translators.

What is a sworn translator?

A sworn translator signs and seals a sworn translation. They also provide a translator’s statement to certify that the translation in the target language is true to the original. In most European countries, a sworn translator is accredited by the court and authorised to provide sworn translations.

Certification and Legalisation

The bioscience industry often involves marketing authorisation for chemicals or distribution authorisation letters for these products within a non-EU member state. A legalised original text and certified translation are required to fully comply with the authorities. See the following definitions:

  1. Original: original document (with administrative seals and stamps), a certified copy (also stamped and sealed) or a copy legalised by a solicitor.
  2. Legalised original: original document with an apostille, or a legalising stamp from the Department of Foreign Affairs, proving the authenticity of the original document.
  3. Certified translation: the text is translated, signed and stamped by a sworn translator or legal expert recognised by the Court of Appeal. This is the usual procedure in most countries, but not in the UK for example. Where translation is involved, the expert must be certified in both of those languages.
  4. Legalised certified translation: certified translation followed by two additional steps, “legalising the signature” of the expert translator and “legalising the translation” in itself.
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