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Sales brochures in multiple languages

Sales brochures can be adapted into several languages or for several countries by using graphic design software such as Adobe InDesign. Translating indesign files is almost as easy as translating a word file. The translations are fitted into the predesigned layout providing almost ready-to-use output files, each with the tranlated new text.

What does it mean?

Agrooh can translate documents in any format. Brochures are often created using Adobe InDesign: .indd and its export file .idml.

Content we translate:

 What are the benefits of working with Agrooh?

Agrooh translators are experts in maintaining complex formatting when translating files. We can also perform a final proofread on pdf files once the files have been uploaded.

Some of our clients in this market: Syngenta with Four FarMore® technology brochures in five languages.

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