Website translation

Website translation

Website translation includes translating and customising text, alt-tags and formats. Websites can be adapted into multiple languages quite easily. We translate from source files in html or xml format. 

What does it mean?

Websites, content, user interfaces and even updates directly within the Content Management System (CMS) can all be translated.

 Content we translate:

We have translated many websites into multiple languages using html and xml files provided by our customers. There are many advantages to working with these file formats:

 What are the benefits of working with Agrooh?

We have translated websites for plant protection products, i.e. technical content. Agrooh translators are experts in working with complex file formats and maintaining formatting, image captions, hyperlinks etc. We can also perform testing across entire websites (user interface, links, tags etc.).

Some of our clients in plant health:

Dow agrosciences: (insecticide) website in 3 languages and (herbicide) website in 4 languages

Syngenta Agro: (herbicide) in 7 languages since 2004, into 5 languages in 2017.

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Do you need expert support for your translations in bioscience?

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