Animal Health

Animal Health

Animal diseases pose a risk to public health and cause damage to businesses and the economy at large. Animal health is the practice of preventing these diseases among livestock (cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry, and horses) and companion animals (mainly cats and dogs). Animal nutrition looks at the dietary needs of domestic animals.

EU Regulation 2016/429 on animal health covers a range of measures proposed by the Commission in 2013 to further enforce health and safety standards along the entire agri-food chain.

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Your business with us

Our clients are large animal health companies who require translations of regulatory documents, marketing and communication materials or online content. We also collaborate with veterinary contract research organisations (CRO) and laboratories. Companies conducting market research on animal health and nutrition are part of our customer base as well.

Why work with Agrooh?

Our translation agency has been specialised in the bioscience industry for over 25 years. Agrooh can translate complex terminology and specific jargon on animal health and animal nutrition. We understand the complexity of technical jargon and so, we assign allocate content to native-speaking translators with a sufficient scientific background to render a professional result with ease. Our experts include vets, agronomists, chemists and biologists.

What kind of content do we translate?

  • Regulatory and advertising documents on animal breeding, health, nutrition and welfare for the livestock industry: housing, feed solutions, veterinary products, farm equipment etc.
  • Manuals, brochures and press releases on the companion animal industry: feed solutions, veterinary products.
  • Reports and studies on the meat industry: food processing, HACCP specifications and standards.
  • Other animal breeding reports, veterinary pharmacovigilance studies and lots of market research studies.


Regulation (EU) 2016/429 in 24 languages

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