Plant health

Plant Health

Plant health is the science of managing diseases, weeds or pests that damage agricultural crops, ornamentals, top fruit, vines and forests (plant protection). Plant nutrition is all about mineral and organic nutrients necessary for plant growth. The agri-food industry is facing a huge challenge over the coming decades: food security on a global scale. To produce higher quality crops, plant protection and nutrition have a key role to play in resolving food issues and sustainable agricultural production systems.

Before any plant protection product (also referred to as ‘pesticide’) can be marketed or used within the EU, it must be authorised in the relevant member state(s). Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 lays down the rules and procedures for the authorisation of pesticides.

European Regulation (EU) No. 2019/1009 laying down rules on making available on the market of EU fertilising products (organic and organo-mineral products, liming materials, soil improvers, growing media, agronomic additives, plant bio-stimulants and fertilising product blends).

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Your business with us

Agrooh translates regulatory documents, market research, advertising materials and digital media content for major agrochemical companies and other agrisupply companies (farm machinery, professional magazines etc.). We also work with contract research organisations (CRO) who operate in agroscience, agricultural trials (for BAD) and draft Registration Reports.

Why work with Agrooh?

We have been specialised in the global bioscience industry for over 25 years. Agrooh’s team of translators has in-depth knowledge of specific terminology on plant health, nutrition and breeding, as well as seeds and GM technology. We handle translations covering a wide range of plant production operations: pesticides, fertilisers, biostimulants, seeds, biotechnology, processing etc. We understand the complexity of technical jargon and so, we assign content to native-speaking translators with a sufficient scientific background to render a professional result with ease. Our experts include vets, agronomists, chemists and biologists.

What kind of content do we translate?

  • Regulatory (for ReaCh – IUCLID) and advertising documents on plant protection and plant breeding: pesticides, biocontrol, variety traits etc.
  • Manuals, brochures and press releases on crop growing: farm machinery, seeds, fertilisers, anti-resistance strategies, biocontrol.
  • Reports on the food chain: food processing, HSE specifications and standards, regulations.
  • Anything related to horticulture and hydroponics: growing media, soil science, nutrients, insurance, export specifications.
  • Other agricultural reports, ecotoxicological and risk assessment studies, contracts and lots of market research.



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