Animal and Plant Health Market Research Translation

Agrooh is specialised in multilingual market research on agricultural techniques as well as plant and animal health. We receive translation requests from manufacturers of veterinary products for livestock and companion animals, plant protection products, agricultural machinery, and from seed companies who are launching new varieties.

What does that mean?

Market research performed on influencers and users (such as vets and pet owners), distributors/retailers and farmers, doctors and patients.

Which documents do we translate?

 What are the benefits of working with Agrooh?

Our expertise saves you time and money.

Translations involving market research requires a highly-skilled team with expert knowledge in agriculture. This team can then provide the following:

Our translation memories can identify repeated phrases or words in documents which can then be saved and used to supplement our technical databases. This repeated data, which may have been previously translated, means time and money saved i.e. faster turnaround at a reduced rate.

translation memories in market research on plant and animal health

Some of our clients in this market: Kleffman, Kynetec, Ipsos, Market probe

Do you need expert support for your translations in bioscience?

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