DTP services

DTP Services

DTP Services (Desktop Publishing) is the process of conserving original format, design and document layout while translating technical materials.

During the translation process, some elements require modification when targeting foreign audiences:

  1. Text length: varies between languages (also called ‘extension rate’) and the layout of your initial document. Page numbers can also change dramatically.
  2. Fonts: a font choice supported in English may not be suitable for your target language(s) because certain characters may change the entire look of the document.
  3. Line breaks: can vary from one language to the next.
  4. Layout: these no longer work with text expansion in DTP projects.

It is important to maintain consistency throughout translated documents and Agrooh’s DTP experts can address these complex issues.

Our DTP services include:

  • Converting/generating translated output in multiple formats: brochures, images etc.
  • Incorporating translated text into graphics, videos etc.
  • Subtitling videos

Furthermore, translating XML files for SPC or R4BP applications into several languages for European approval is almost as easy for us as translating a word document.

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Do you need expert support for your translations in bioscience?

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