Translation Services

Translation Services

Bioscience and agriculture translation services

Agrooh has been a language service provider (LSP) for more than 20 years. We provide translation services in bioscience and agriculture and cover a wide range of related fields from plant, animal and public health, to agricultural topics in general. By combining our expert translators and enhanced terminology technology, we produce accurate, timely and cost-effective translations.

Scientific translation experts in over 40 languages

Agrooh’s global network encompasses around 150 expert translators with a scientific background. Many of them are chemists, agronomists, vets or doctors, at ease with technical jargon and specific terminology. Our experts are all native-speakers of the target language, ensuring a flawless translation in terms of language, style, accuracy and technical knowledge. We provide translation services into over 40 languages, including European, Middle-Eastern, Latin-American and a few Asian languages. Here at Agrooh, our industry-specific knowledge and expertise means we can deliver tailor-made, high-quality translation services.

Translation memory technology, leveraging 20 years of specialised terminology

We use cutting-edge translation memory technology, guaranteeing accurate and consistent terminology throughout your translated documents. Our TM technology stores words, sentences or paragraphs and has done this for over 20 years. After every new project, our terminology database is updated. Translation memories help our experts identify previously-translated content so it can be reused or modified. As such, translators are more productive and customers enjoy discounts on repeated document segments or website content. With 20 years’ worth of specific terminology stored, our translation memory technology ensures fast, accurate and consistent technical translations.

Premium service

Agrooh adapts to customers’ expectations and requirements. We translate a wide range of content types, from regulatory affairs documents, market research questionnaires and commercial brochures, to other technical material and websites.

We work with all file formats, be it pdf, ppt, word, doc, xls, html, xml, indd or idml. We deliver ready-to-use files, including InDesign, making DTP that bit easier for your marketing team.

At times, quick turnaround is essential, so we offer an urgent translation service for files required within 24 hours, at a special rate. Moreover, confidentiality and security are guaranteed for sensitive documents.

Agrooh empowers you to truly go global.

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